Bouquet of Kindness – Community in Bloom program brings joy to Yaletown residents

“Oh great!  My favourite day of the week!  Nothing makes me feel better than playing with flowers”.

“I love making flower arrangements.  Waking up to see flowers on my bedside table puts a smile on my face in the morning”.

“Those flowers sure smell good”.

“Ooooohhh!  Look at all the colours!  They are so beautiful”!

These are just some of the comments staff at Yaletown House hear from residents about the Divine Vines Bouquet of Kindness – Community in Bloom program.


Every Tuesday morning, Divine Vines welcomes a Yaletown House resident and volunteer with bunches of free flowers to take back to the Vancouver complex care facility. Yaletown House cares for people who are no longer able to live independently due to illness such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s Disease, mental health or physical challenges. For the last eight years, Divine Vines has been donating flowers to residents through its Bouquet of Kindness – Community in Bloom program.

When Divine Vines creates its custom, one­ of­ a ­kind floral creations for customers, the flowers must be at their peak of freshness.  Other flower shops may throw out flowers that are past their prime, but with its Bouquet of Kindness – Community in Bloom program, Divine Vines has found a way to reduce waste and help the community. Divine Vines donates the not­ quite­ perfect flowers to Yaletown House so residents can use them in flower arranging and enjoy fresh bouquets every week.

“Though our residents have health conditions, they don’t want to be defined by disability, illness or age. They welcome opportunities to remain active and engaged members in their community,”  says the Yaletown House staff.  “Floral arranging gives the residents a great sense of accomplishment and promotes sensory stimulation, physical activity and social engagement. Together with the horticultural therapist, residents select the best dahlia, daffodil or daisy and craft their masterpiece for all to admire.”

Divine Vines is grateful they are able to bring such joy to the residents of Yaletown House and build lasting community friendships, while at the same time reducing waste and giving flowers a second life.

“Thanks to Divine Vines and the weekly donations of flowers, our residents can connect with their neighbours, give thanks and create their own beautiful bouquet, which are displayed around the facility and in the resident’s’ own room — bringing a bit of sunshine to everyone’s day regardless of the weather outside,” says Yaletown House.

Divine Vines has been offering unique, custom floral arrangements to Vancouver residents since 2006. Located in the trendy Yaletown district, Divine Vines’ boutique offers high­end florals for any occasion.

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