The “Grinch Tree” adorn the tables and interiors of the Global Group

The Divine Vines "Famous Grinch" Tree at the Global Group Restaurants

We were so very delighted to provide the Global Group Restaurants in Vancouver with our famous Divine Vines “Grinch Tree”. Our Grinch Trees adorn the tables and interiors of the Global Grill, the Italian Kitchen, the Coast Restaurant, Sanafir, the Trattoria Kitchen and Society. Thank you Global Group Restaurants!

About the Global Group:

“The GLOWBAL COLLECTION is all about a more satisfying restaurant experience – on every level. There is the sense, in these iconic places, that you are immersed in something fresh, vital, vibrant –… read more about the Global Group Here

Thank you for helping us make our “Grinch” such an amazing success this year, we are overwhelmed with orders and are so very happy and grateful to you all! The sensation of our “Grinch” continues to create an exciting buzz around town with the media and new and existing customers – we have so much appreciation for you all.

Our elves have happily and joyfully keeping up with the demand and we have more elves joining us to assist us every day with the floud of orders pouring in.

We’re accepting pre-orders until December 23rd Pick up by 3:30pm. Last day for ordering by Noon December 22nd.

Sizes: $40, $60, $90 and $110

Order Online Here or call 604 696.0211 to place your order today!

Thanks to all of you for sharing and forwarding our newsletters and blog posts you have introduced us to so many new customers, very kind of you!

We at Divine Vines Flowers would like to Wish you the very Best this festive season!