The Holidays are near, but what shall we do?

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all over the city,
Vancouver homes hummed a holiday ditty.
But one Christmas couple were feeling distraught,
For festive gift-giving plans they had not.“We still need a gift for the host of that dinner!
And a gift for the neighbours, but time, it grows thinner!

We need a gift for the boss and a centerpiece too,

Christmas is near, but what shall we do?

We’ve not even a tree, they’re all just too tall,
For our little apartment is two sizes too small!

Then all of a sudden, an idea went ding!
“The Divine Vines Grinch Tree will be just the thing!”

“Divine Vines, the best florist on the West coast,
Crafts a Grinch Tree perfect for the holiday host!”

Hand made in 4 sizes, with gold, silver or red.
“The neighbours will love them!” They excitedly said.

“Everyone in our office will want one of these
Unique and whimsical little Grinch Trees.”

“And what could be better as the piece for our table
Than a real tree inspired by a holiday fable?”

“I’ve seen them at galas and restaurants too,
The Grinch Tree makes tradition trendy and new.”

“We’ll get the perfect size to fit our small space,
And they’ll even deliver it right to our place!”

“With The Grinch Tree, perhaps the best part of all
Is getting gifts without setting foot in a mall!”

“Problem solved!” They proclaimed. “Christmas is a cinch!
With the help of Divine Vines and their tree,The Grinch.”

If you’re looking for a way to add a modern flare to your Christmas decor, our Divine Vines Grinch Tree will be the perfect addition to your holiday tradition. Inspired by the famous Dr. Seuss character, our Grinch Tree puts a new twist on the most beloved of Christmas symbols.

The Divine Vines Grinch Tree comes in 4 sizes ranging from mini to large, making it the perfect choice as a centrepiece, hostess gift or decorative highlight.

These fresh, handcrafted trees are fully customizable with red, gold and silver tones to choose from so you can make your Christmas vision come alive or give a perfect, personalized gift every time.

For the urban home, our Grinch Tree makes a chic and unique space-saving alternative to the traditional tree and can even be delivered right to your door.

Bring a sense of wonder and whimsy into your home this holiday season. Delight guests, friends and family with a creative and handcrafted Christmas gift.  Create a new tradition with The Divine Vines Grinch Tree.